Retirement is about reclaiming your freedom and enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle – well, that’s the plan most people have. To achieve and sustain a comfortable lifestyle, you need money. If you’re about to retire (or have retired) LKFS can show you how to make your retirement money work, so you can get the most out of your retirement.

Income Stream

We can help you set up a regular income stream, taking into account your funds, lifestyle and investment requirements.

Tax Minimisation

There are ways to minimise tax through Estate Planning.

Age Pension

If you qualify, LKFS can help you apply for and maximise your Age Pension.

Aged Care

This is about the financial realities of Aged Care, and it’s a conversation that often involves your children or someone with Power of Attorney. By talking with all interested parties, we can implement financial strategies that will have you well prepared for this stage of life.