Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Drowning in debt?

If you are struggling to keep your head above above water because of loan repayments, then rolling all of your debts into one single account can be a great way to keep afloat.

We can help you get back on track

With access to over 40 different lenders LKFS has access to lenders that specialise in this area

  • We can help you set up, and more importantly, be able to stick to a budget.
  • Provide credit counselling – if we can’t help you now we will counsel you through to a better position
  • We can protect you from the risks associated with loss of income arising from unemployment, sickness or accident 

How people can get lured into the debt trap:

  • Loss of income due to sickness or unemployment.
  • Failed business
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Easy access to credit cards & limit increases – the bank debt trap
  • Access to retail interest free offers – people don’t pay the debt within the prescribed period and can end up with interest charges in excess of 20%...and so the the debt merry-go-round begins.

 Why people can be declined for debt consolidation loans:

  • No security
  • Too much debt
  • Poor credit rating
  • Poor repayment history on existing debts
  • Not enough income to demonstrate capacity to repay

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