Insurance Premium Funding

Insurance Premium Funding

Peace of mind has never been easier

When making any large upfront payment it is always wise for a business to consider if those funds could be paid in a more efficient manner that could potentially free up those funds for other uses. 

Find the funding solutions that work for you

By using a third party lender to pay the insurance company their lump sum fee, you can gain access to funds which would otherwise be spoken for. 

5 potential benefits of insurance premium funding:

  1. Insurance costs can be paid in monthly installments, making them easier to manage
  2. The interest fee is tax deductible
  3. Frees up cash flow 
  4. Working capital can be used to reinvest back in to the business
  5. You can use an authorised third party to take care of the entire process

If you are struggling to pay your insurer's lump sum premiums, or are just looking to free up your cash flow, then insurance premium funding could be perfect for your business.

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