Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance, also known as Debtor finance, is designed to accelerate your cash flow and unlock equity in your business balance sheet by converting debtors/invoices into cash allowing you to seize opportunities as required and expand your business.

How Invoice Finance Works:


1. You provide the goods/services to your customer and invoice them as per usual

2.  Invoice details are sent to an invoice finance provider

3. Funds (usually up to 80% of an invoice's value) are made available

4. Either your own credit collection system, or the invoice finance provider’s system carries out invoice collection 

5. When your debtor pays, the balance of the related invoice is made available to you –minus a service fee

Bricks & Mortar Security not required

Your business invoices act as security for the bank and no real estate security is necessary – although conditions and lending criteria applies.

Unlock your business equity

Flexible Finance

Your access to working capital increases as your sales grow. It’s a facility that grows with you. A business can convert approved invoices into cash within hours.

Efficient Use of Finance

Invoice finance can assist in negotiating supplier payment discounts and negating the need to offer discounts for early debtor repayments, offsetting the cost of the facility whilst allowing the flexibility to fund business growth. 

We can save you time, we can save you money, we can take all of the stress out of the situation, so why not consider LKFS for your financial partner?

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