Insurance Life and Income Protection

It’s great to have a financial plan and goals, but sometimes the unexpected happens and totally changes your circumstances and your future. That’s why it’s important to have a safety net. LKFS can advise you on how to protect your assets, business, and, of course, your family, should anything happen

Life Cover

Paid as a lump sum upon a person’s death.

Total Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover

Paid as a lump sum if a person is permanently injured (or impaired) in an accident.

Trauma Cover

Paid as a lump sum if a person is diagnosed with a severe medical condition (like cancer) or has suffered a heart attack or stroke.

Income Protection

Pays 75% of a person’s income until retirement (if unable to work through injury or illness).

Business Insurance

This includes Expense Cover (paid monthly), Key Person Cover (lump sum) and Partnership Cover (lump sum).Each provides an extra layer of protection against unforeseen circumstances.