Home and Investment Lending

For most of us, buying a home or investing in property is the biggest financial decision we’ll make in our lives.

LKFS does more than just arrange loans; we arrange the best loan for you. Our commitment doesn’t end once the loan is arranged – we’re here to support you throughout your financial journey. So, if your circumstances change (starting a family, gaining/losing income, property renovations) we can guide you through options that will provide security and peace of mind for the future.


LKFS reduces the stress of finding the right home loan. We discuss options based on where you are financially, the lifestyle you’d like to live, your goals and aspirations. It’s about being properly informed and having the confidence to move forward.

Low Doc Home Loans

Also known as Lite-doc or Alt-doc loans, these are lending solutions for people who are self-employed (contractors and freelancers) who can’t prove their income through traditional means, like a payslip. LKFS has a great track record in arranging these type of loans.

To see a list of required documentation, Click Here


Investing in property is potentially a solid way of securing your financial future. If structured correctly, there may also be tax advantages in having an investment property. We explain all the options, and discuss other ways you can benefit from an investment property. Knowledge can open up new pathways.

First Home Buyers

Taking the massive step to buy your first home is both exciting and daunting. No-one fully understands what it entails until they actually go through the process. And the process begins by seeing how much money you can afford to borrow. LKFS will guide you through all the steps of loan approval, and arrange a loan you can manage, grow and prosper with.

Refinance and Debt Consolidation

Paying multiple creditors is depressing and probably costing you more money than it should. We can clean up your monthly repayments by refinancing and consolidating your debt with a more competitive rate or product. LKFS can help you to get back in control of your money.


People who have neglected to lodge multiple tax returns usually end up with an adverse credit rating, making it virtually impossible to borrow money. We can help you re-establish a positive credit rating, allowing you a more positive outlook for the future.