Looking for your share of wealth?

We have all heard about the potential risks involved with purchasing shares , but did you know that over the twenty years the Australian stock market has provided better overall returns than any other type of investment? 

Investing in shares makes you a part owner of the business

Your investment can be long or short term, depending on your style and financial needs at the time. LKFS can provide professional advice regardless of your situation; it doesn't matter if you are new to shares or a seasoned investment veteran, we look at your situation and make recommendations based on current market trends and your particular requirements.

Some of the benefits of investing in shares can include:  

  • Income streams from dividends
  • Lower rate of tax on long-term capital gains
  • The potential for revenue from your assets to increase in value over time

Some if the potential risks can include:

  • The value of shares can fall, even to nothing
  • If the company fails, you may not get your money back
  • The income generated from dividends fluctuates monthly 

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