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Aged Care

Is it time for a change of scenery? 

The financial advisors at LKFS can help make the transition into aged care for you or your loved ones less complicated by finding the provider that's right for you. 

Finding a home that fits your lifestyle, needs and interests  in an area you want, can take a fair amount of research, especially if you have no experience. The team here at LKFS can give you insight into how the decisions you make now might affect the financial situation of you and your loved ones in the future and help you prepare for them.

At LKFS, your story matters

It you're not quite ready to make the change, we can also help you get ready for the event by going through your options and explore areas which are often overlooked.

Let LKFS help take the pressure out of the hard decisions. Feel free to call us today on 1300 930 106 Alternatively, you can find more information here.

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