About Us

LKFS is a contemporary Lending and Financial Planning business with a traditional heart. The ethical, person to person principles established in 1994 by LKFS founder, Luke Kouzapa, are still fundamental to the way we conduct business today. However, the world has become a far more dynamic place since then and so have we. Our expertise has evolved into using holistic strategies encompassing Life Knowledge Freedom and Security – the new LKFS.

LKFS is a team of incredibly passionate people, all highly skilled in finance, directed by Lending Specialist, Peter Morgante, Financial Planner, Bill Antoniou and Managing Partner, Theo Kouzapa. LKFS is 100% client focused – we have an intrinsic drive to be of benefit to every person who comes to see us, no matter their circumstances, aspirations or stage of life. It’s why over 90% of our referrals come from existing clients.


LKFS was founded on helping SMEs grow and prosper, and it’s still very much a core part of our business. We have the legal, accounting and financial background to help create successful business plans and maximise returns on investment. Some of our clients have become so big and successful we now assist them at a corporate, private banking level.

Regardless of size or years of operation, we assess each business on its merits and offer targeted, realistic strategies that provide the best opportunities to grow and succeed. In many ways, we become an extension of your business.

Individuals and Families

It’s within all of us to want the best for our families, to look for opportunities to further ourselves and, ultimately, work towards financial security and freedom. Whether it’s finding the right loan for a first home, making strategic investments, or maximising superannuation for retirement, we guide people along a financial pathway that is focused on the now, but with a keen eye towards the future.

In all things, we provide our clients with continuity, consistency and permanence. It’s how we retain business and build life-long relationships.