Financial Growth and Security begins by getting to know you.

As part of the LKFS process, we don't just focus on one part of your finances. Every aspect of the financial life-cycle is considered and then optimised to meet your specific requirements, because At LKFS, the full story matters.LKFS offers business/residential lending and financial planning. As a business, we see ourselves as finance professionals helping our clients to grow and secure their future, whether they’re individuals, families or business owners.

We are people driven, not process or product driven, because everyone’s circumstances, commitments and aspirations are unique.

We take the time to understand you, where your life is now and where you want it to be in the future. It’s the basis of our decision making, how we apply our expertise and the reason so many clients are with us for the long term. In essence, we’re about relating to people on a personal level… welcome to LKFS.

What LKFS means for you.


Life – They say life is what you make it. We agree, but to make it, you need to plan for it. We look at your life now, where you’d like it to be in the future, and implement financial strategies that will help you get there.


Knowledge – We have a lot of expertise in lending and financial planning. We not only advise, we educate and empower, so you’ll be able to have an active role in creating your secure future.


Freedom – It’s something we all aspire to; whether it’s financial freedom, the freedom to choose you own pathway in life, the freedom of being your own boss or the freedom of retirement… whatever your aspirations, we can help you reach them.


Security – The end game is to be financially secure, having a solid amount of money and/or assets which can sustain a desirable lifestyle. We guide you down the fastest path to financial security.

While our work speaks for itself, the good we do and the passions we pursue tell the story behind the lasting impact we as individuals are driven to create.

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